Club Documentation

The following are links to PDF versions of the Club's Constitution, ByLaws, Policies & Code of Ethics:

PSLRA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the Labrador Retriever as an All-Around Dog. [Read More]
Constitution & ByLaws
The name of the club shall be The Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association.  The objects of the Club shall be:  [Read More]
Club Policies & Standards
1. All members should adhere to AKC policy. Puppies should not be provided for auction or raffle, but may be donated directly under certain circumstances. (1/1990) [Read More]
Code of Ethics
The Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association recognizes our responsibility to the Labrador Retriever breed, and the Labrador Retriever breed enthusiast. As such, we set forth this Code of Ethics to reflect the desire of the membership to: [Read More]
Committees & Other Contacts
All Committee members and other contacts/positions within PSLRA are filled by volunteers.  Committees members and other contacts are instrumental in ensuring Club events, and the Club overall runs smoothly. [Read More]
Want to help make our events a success, and join in on the fun?  Visit our Volunteer page to see the Volunteer Opportunities PSLRA currently has available. [Read More]

Want to become a PSLRA Member?  Visit our Membership page to learn more about PSLRA, and to submit an on-line PSLRA Membership application.

 [Read More]

Officers & Board Members

About the PSLRA Board

PSLRA utilizes an annual vote to designate Officers and the Board of Directors.  All Board members are volunteers.  Potential candidates are considered by a Nominating Committe and the vote is conducted at the annual Awards Banquet in January.

Please see the PSLRA Bylaws for more information regarding the selection of our board.

The PSLRA Board meets monthly, and also conducts several “All Member Meetings” throughout the year.  These meetings are an open invitation to all club members to join in the decision making process for the club.

Each Board member tries to attend and/or volunteer at at least one club event annually, in addition to attending Board Meetings, All-Member Meetings, and Annual Planning Meetings.  Many Board members are also chairpersons for events throughout the year.


What Happened at the Last Board Meeting?

Look for the Board Meeting Minutes in our Monthly Newsletter the “Retriever Believer”.  The Retriever Believer is a Members Only monthly email publication.


We Listen

  • The Board wants to hear from you, tell us about your ideas to help the club!
  • Board Member contact info is listed below.


Board Officers

PresidentMarcy Johnson
Vice PresidentBecky Dannaker
TreasurerCindy Olson
SecretaryMary Jane Sarbaugh

Board Members

Jessica Baker
Kimberly Dotson
Sharon Edwards
Denise Hetland
Vicky Hodges-Hoskinson
Brenda Hubbard
Jill Mahoney
Linda Maffett
Lisa McGlothlen
Rob Parkins
Katie Somers
Marlys Swanson
Diane Sullenberger

2024 PSLRA Board Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee Chair: Tamaria Hartman

  • Committee Member: Denise Hetland
  • Committee Member: Cindy Meyer
Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association