Apply for an All Around or Versatility Dog Award

Would you like to earn an All Around or Versatility Dog Award with your Labrador Retriever, and see your dog's name added to our list of All Around or Versatility Dog Award winners?

  • You must be a current PSLRA Member.
  • Complete and Submit the All Around & Versatility Award Application.
  • Applications for All Around & Versatility Dog Awards are due by August 15th annually.
  • All Around & Versatility Award Application

Awardees receive a plaque with their name and titles courtesy of the Club.  All award winners are listed in the Club's Newsletter and Website.  Awards are presented at the annual PSLRA Awards Banquet in January of each year.

Apply for Junior Scholarship

Interested in Applying for a Junior Scholarship Award?

The following is the PSLRA Junior Scholarship Application process:

  • Completed Application must be sent to the Junior Scholarship Contact Included on the Application.  
  • Completed Applications must include the 300 to 400 word essay, and be received by May 15th annually.
  • Scholarship winners are notified by the end of June annually.
  • Junior Scholarship Application – PDF Version
Support our Junior Club Members

Would you like to donate to support our Junior Club Members?

PSLRA has a number of Junior Members who are under 18 years of age and active in Conformation and Hunting events.  In 2010 the Club started a Juniors Fund to help support our Junior Handlers with education expenses through our Junior Scholarship, as well as expenses associated with handling classes, travel to major events, etc.

If you would like to donate to our Junior Fund please follow the link below:


Versatility Award Recipients

Pretty amazing list isn’t it?  Many of these dogs, breeders, and competitors are also PSLRA All Around Dog award recipients.

Award Recipient
2023Am GChB Can GCh Int’l Ch Koa’s In A New York Minute CD BN RI Am/Can JH BCAT CGC TKN WC
Int’l Ch Winroc Clan Everrnch Jenna BN RA ACT1 ACTJ SWN SBA TKI
2022U-CH Rhumbline’s Song Of The Sea UD BN GO RN JH ACT1 SWA TKN CGC CC
BPIS CH SunDog Don’t Call Me Nymphadora TKI RATN CGC
Int’l CH Country Classic Get This Party Started BN RN MXP3
2020WindyCanyon Hermione of Blewett CD NJP RI TD ACT2 TKI
2019Int. Ch. Winroc Virtual Villainess CD BN RE VST TDU NAJ TKP WC
2018Am/Can CH HR ReiMur's Good Humor Man BN CD RA JH NAP OFP WC CGC Can JH/WC
UCH WBCH-B Sunnydaze for Peep's Sake BN RI PCD TKP RATN FDC CGCA Pet Partner
2017None to List - (AAD's Only for 2017)
2016Nipntuck True Blue Believer CDX TD CGC THDA
Sterling’s Rose of San Antone CDX BN RE JH WC CGC
2014Somersun Sophie of Blewett CDX GN RA TD NA NF
2013GCH Am/Can CH Gingerbred Celestial Thunder JH CGC Pet Partner
Skyfire's Wing And A Song CDX RE NJP CGC Therapy Dog
2012Intl CH B-Mor Rise-N-Shine CGC RE CD WC JH NAP NJP
Guide Dogs’ Cranberry CDX GO RE BN ThD CGC Guide Dog
ReiMur Juz Crashin' Thru VCD UD PUDT VER RAE JH TDX NAP NJP CGCA WC CC Delta Society Certified Therapy Dog
2011Intl CH Ranmar Benny And The Jets JH CD RA OA NAJ
Spring of Labs A Leap’n Farm RA NA Pet Partner Trailing/HRD SAR K9
2010CloverCreek Winchester RA JH Pet Partner
2009Intl CH Winroc Gyrocompass VCD1 RA TDX SH AX AXJ
Intl CH MACH Winroc XLT Funnel Cloud VCD1 RA TDX MH
Zelda! Of Blewett CDX RE TD TDI
2008U-CD Cedarwood Country Diva UD RE MX MXJ Can CDX Pet Partner CGC
Fawnhaven's Amazing Grace CD JH NA OAJ
Riversedge Midnight Breeze AM/Can TD Can JH RN Can WC CGC
Am/Can CH ShaRay's Lady Daisy Delight OA OAJ RE Pet Partner
ShaRay PD James of Greenbank TD OA NAJ JH
Intl CH Mtn Star Rolling Thunder JH RN Pet Partner
Shellridge Giants Sydney CD JH OA NAJ NAP NJP
2007Angelwood Magic Penny CDX NAP JH WC CGC CC
Applejax Sir Walter Raleigh RE TDX NA NAJ
ShaRay Buckley Bone-A-Parte RA TD NAP NJP
Winroc Racey Rosalie RN AX AXJ NAC OJC NGC NTC Pet Partner
2006CH SR Ms T’s Dusty Winds Over Char-Don CD RN Service Dog
Springwind’s Crystal Image VCD2 UDX RN JH NA NAJ
Intl CH WindyCanyon's Dark Ranger CD RA JH OA AXJ CC
2005Duckndogs Bella Huxley CDX OA OAJ Pet Partner
Fawnhaven’s Winter Rose CDX OA OAJ WC Pet Partner
2004Can CH Bayview Gusta Wind CDX JH CGC CC Am/Can WC Pet Partner Can CD
Blythmoors Undeniable VCD1 CDX TD OA OAJ WC
Intl CH Koa Kauai Elegance CD JH WC CGC Pet Partner
Trolldom Eloise CD JH NA AXJ
2003Can CH Bayviews Big Splash CD JH WC CGC, Pet Partner
Can CH The Flying Fortress Hunts-On JH Am/Can CD, Pet Partner
Windycanyon Ima Pink Lady CDX SH OA OAJ CC CGC
2002U-CD Nipntuck Lily of the Field UD JH NA NAJ Can CDX
Can CH Innisfield Heir Apparent CD JH NA
2001Can CH Bayviews Ramblin Rose NA NAJ JH Am/Can CD Am/Can WC CGC
MPR Lime Creek Punkin Patootie TDX SH CD
Normandy Four Leaf Clover CD OA OAJ CGC Pet Partner
Normandy Yellow Olive CD NA NAJ CGC Pet Partner
Posthaste Good Golly Ms. Molly CDX SH NA WC CGC
Raven Gayheart at Fernhaven CD MH Pet Partner
CP Shamrock Acres Katy Go Litely CD TD SH
ShaRay Alexander of Whidbey CD SH CGC WC Pet Partner
ShaRay Posthaste Annabelle CD JH NA NAJ TDX WC CGC
Skagit Sunrise SH CD OA NAJ WC CGC
Tiderips Moonshine CD OA OAJ JH
Am/Intl CH Sharay Abraham of Greenbank TD NA NAJ CD VCD1 WC
Am/Can CH Wyntercreek Royal Velvet JH Am/Can CDX WC
2000Dave's Pretty Penny CDX RE JH OA MXP OAJ MJP WC CGC
U-UD Harbortop's Magic Dragon JH UD Can CDX TDI CGC
Keith's Mercedes Remington CD JH AX OAJ
U-CD Nomad Take The High Road TD MH CDX Can CD WC CGC
ShaRay's Toastin Pinot Noir CDX JH OA OAJ
1999Toastin Jammers CD SH NA
Toast Sailin Proud UD SH NA
1998Beautawn Reach For The Big Sky JH NA Am/Can CD
Harbortop Sam One To Be Byou CD TD CGC WC Pet Partner
Posthaste Here Comes Charley CD JH TD CGC WC Pet Partner
ShaRay Tara of Whidbey CD MH Pet Partner CGC WC
1997Blackglamma Sapphire JH TD Pet Partner
Postehaste Comfort Abigail CDX TD Pet Partner
Am/Can/Intl CH Rocheby Joseph Coat CD TD JH WC CGC
Musgas Ayla Sue of ShaRay CDX JH NA WC CGC
Can CH Nautikaull Buoy O’Blythmoor CDX JH NA CGC
SR SaddlehillS Black Gamble UD TD JH NA
ShaRay Chelsea of Whidbey CDX JH NA WC Pet Partner
1996SR McCoy Intrepide Sailor CD SH TD WCA
Tahoma Magenta Kiri UDT SH CGC
Tahoma Columbia CDX TD SH CGC
Winroc X-Quisite Kala CDX TD JH AX AXJ

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