Apply for an All Around or Versatility Dog Award

Would you like to earn an All Around or Versatility Dog Award with your Labrador Retriever, and see your dog's name added to our list of All Around or Versatility Dog Award winners?

  • You must be a current PSLRA Member.
  • Complete and Submit the All Around & Versatility Award Application.
  • Applications for All Around & Versatility Dog Awards are due by August 15th annually.
  • All Around & Versatility Award Application

Awardees receive a plaque with their name and titles courtesy of the Club.  All award winners are listed in the Club's Newsletter and Website.  Awards are presented at the annual PSLRA Awards Banquet in January of each year.

Apply for Junior Scholarship

Interested in Applying for a Junior Scholarship Award?

The following is the PSLRA Junior Scholarship Application process:

  • Completed Application must be sent to the Junior Scholarship Contact Included on the Application.  
  • Completed Applications must include the 300 to 400 word essay, and be received by May 15th annually.
  • Scholarship winners are notified by the end of June annually.
  • Junior Scholarship Application – PDF Version
Support our Junior Club Members

Would you like to donate to support our Junior Club Members?

PSLRA has a number of Junior Members who are under 18 years of age and active in Conformation and Hunting events.  In 2010 the Club started a Juniors Fund to help support our Junior Handlers with education expenses through our Junior Scholarship, as well as expenses associated with handling classes, travel to major events, etc.

If you would like to donate to our Junior Fund please follow the link below:


PSLRA Awards

All Around Dog Award

The All Around Dog Award is part of the foundation of PSLRA and has been offered to qualifying dogs since 1983.

By earning a title in multiple venues, these dogs have proven they are deserving of the PSLRA All Around Dog Award.

To Qualify a Dog must have earned the following three items:

  1. AKC, CKC, International or other conformation championship
  2. AKC, CKC or other Obedience or Rally or Tracking or Agility Title
  3. AKC or CKC Hunt Test Title or JAM at a licensed field trial or Working Certificate

Visit the following link to see the complete list of PSLRA All Around Dog Award winners since 1983.

Versatility Dog Award

By distinguishing themselves in three different non-conformation categories, Versatility Dog Award winners truly demonstrate the “versatility” of the Labrador Retriever breed, and are deserving of this award.

To Qualify a Dog must have earned a title in three of the following venues:

  • Hunt Test or Field Trial
  • Obedience or Rally
  • Agility or Dock Diving
  • Tracking, Barn Hunt or Nose Work
  • Coursing, Fast Cat or Similar
  • Weight Pull or Similar
  • Therapy Dog Certification

Visit the following link to see the complete list of PSLRA Versatility Dog Award winners since 1996.

Member of the Year & President’s Award

PSLRA is known across the country as a club that is dedicated to the Labrador Retriever, and we proudly act as caretakers for the future of the breed.

Like all clubs, PSLRA is defined by the dedication of its members.  These individuals are the heart of any club, and this is definitely true of PSLRA.

Each year through our Member of the Year and President’s Awards, the Club recognizes individuals who go above and beyond to support the Club. and the breed, through their volunteer efforts.

Visit the following link to see the complete list of PSLRA Member of the Year Recipients since 1992, and the President’s Award recipients since the award began in 2007.

Junior Scholarship Award

Since 2011 PSLRA has been pleased to provide an annual scholarship to young individuals who strive to promote the Labrador as a breed.

Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association Scholarship Criteria.

  1. Applicant must be a member of PSLRA or a child or grandchild of a current member, and must be a current high school Senior.
  2. Applicant must have volunteered at one or more PSLRA events.
  3. Applicant must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher.  If GPA is less than 2.5, and there are extenuating circumstances, the scholarship application must be accompanied by a letter from the Applicant’s PSLRA Member Sponsor, explaining the circumstances.
  4. The completed application will include a 300 to 400 word single-page essay describing how Labrador Retrievers have impacted the Applicant’s life.
  5. The scholarship recipients will receive an awarded in the amount of $500 to be used toward post high school educational activities.

The annual Scholarship winner is announced in the June PSLRA newsletter.

Visit the following link to see the complete list of PSLRA Scholarship recipients since 2011.

Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association