Donation – Labrador Health Research




Please Note: PSLRA is a “Not For Profit” Club, IRS 501C7.  Donations made to PSLRA are not tax deductible.

Each year PSLRA identifies Health Research for the betterment of Labrador Retrievers, and makes an annual contribution based on recommendations from Board and Club members.

If you would like to support PSLRA in these efforts, as well as Labrador Retriever Health Research in general, please consider donating to this fund.

If you do not require your donation to be tax deductible, and would like to donate to PSLRA’s Labrador Retriever Health Research Fund, please follow the instructions below:

On-Line Donation Instructions:

  • If you still wish to make a donation to PSLRA, all on-line donations are made in $5.00 increments.
  • To increase the donation amount, adjust the quantity up to your desired donation.
  • For example: amount $5.00 x quantity of 4 = $20.00 donation.